Your article on Adam Osborne (Face To Face, November 1983) painted a picture of a flamboyant entrepreneur slashing away at the jungles of bureaucracy with his machete of intelligence, vision, and courage.

Unfortunately, those of us who purchased Mr. Osborne's brainchildren continue to own them. And as our businesses grow, we look to expand computer capacity. However, now I, as well as many others am faced with changing my entire computer system, and effectively losing the $10,000 investment I have made in hardware and software. It is not that the Osborne isn't a great computer; it is. But now it is a dead end. I admire Adam Osborne for his achievement, but question the validity of featuring him in an article that fails to mention the fact that he has done damage to many small and promising businesses that believed in him enough to invest money in his company that they, too, earned the hard way.

Moreover, it would have been illuminating to read what plans he has to reenter the market he created. There are, after all, thousands and thousands of Osborne owners who would like to know.