Help employees appreciate the value of soaring benefit costs by giving them Benefits. Cetylite Industries Inc., a $3-million Pennsauken, N.J., manufacturer of pharmaceuticals for the dental and medical professions, annually distributes this benefits booklet customized for each of its 30 employees.

The booklets, which are bound by plastic, slide-on margins, contain an average of 15 pages. The pages detail specific benefits in terms of coverage, dollar value, and cost to both employee and employer. The employee's name appears through a die-cut slot on a glossy white cover featuring the company logo. On the back page is a "For Your Information" letter from management to all employees, explaining the company's approach to benefits.

The booklets are produced by BenePlus Inc., an employee-benefits communication firm in Philadelphia. Cetylite Industries records benefit information on data sheets, which BenePlus then collates into personalized, five-inch by eight-inch books that cost $20 each. The charge is mostly to cover the sorting of statistics.

"The booklets give each person a concise, readable picture of what it means to work for our company," says Cetylite president Stanley L. Wachman. "Too many employees think their value is just the paycheck they receive. Seeing each benefit identified and explained separately makes them more appreciative. The bottom line is that you keep employees by convincing them there aren't many greener pastures."