I am the attorney representing Kevlin Microwave Corp. in the suit againstit by the accounting firm of Stavisky, Shapiro & Whyte reported on page 81 of your January issue ("Go Public, Go Big Eight?") The article relates Mr. Stavisky's views about what he described as a "$10 million" suit against Kevlin and an underwriter.

A few weeks after suit was filed last summer, I asked the court to strike the amount of the monetary claim by the Stavisky firm on the basis that it was exaggerated and prejudicial to my client. After a full hearing and consideration of affidavits by my client and Mr. Stavisky, a justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court ordered that the suit be reduced to five thousand dollars ($5,000) without prejudice to a subsequent motion after verdict. As a result, Mr. Stavisky's complaint was amended to delete the specific dollar amount claimed.

Thereafter, Kevlin asserted counter-claims against the Stavisky firm, some of which have already withstood preliminary challenge. These relate to the services rendered by the Stavisky firm and its acts following its termination by Revlin. These counterclaims by Kevlin, as well as the claims against Kevlin, are disputed and may have to be resolved by a full trial sometime in the future.

I hope that the foregoing has been of assistance to those of your readers who may not have realized that there is another point of view concerning the facts Mr. Stavisky described and that there are other facts which are not described.


INC. replies: When contacted by INC., Kevlin declined comment.