If you are one of those busy executives whose corporate life is in perfect order but whose private life is in miserable disarray, take heart. New companies are emerging to help you accomplish some of those bothersome tasks of daily life as picking up a present or getting the muffler replaced.

* Present Company of Dallas, for instance, will do your gift shopping if you are busy shopping for a new plant location. And you never have to move from your desk. Just give Present Company owner Diane Weiss the price range and the recipient's name and she will find the perfect gift. She even wraps, delivers, and reminds you of other annual obligations. (You remember Christmas -- it comes toward the end of the fourth quarter.) The price: just $35 per year.

* Karen Koehler founded Harper & Faye executive jewelry service in 1982 to help Boston businesspeople caught in the same time bind. Koehler's expertise is matching one-of-a-kind jewels to the budgets and tastes of corporate clients, who meet with her by appointment. Her costs are covered in the price of the present, and she, too, will remind overworked executives of upcoming occasions. Koehler is so speedy that she was able to supply a gift for a harried client last Valentine's Day even though the desperate call came only an hour before store closing time.

* If the family clunker is the problem, CarTender Inc. may be the solution. CarTender, a year-old Dallas-based company soon to be franchised nationally, will pick up your car, take it to the garage, negotiate the repair costs with mechanics, or sweat out bureaucratic hassles at the motor vehicle department. Then your personal auto valet will deliver the car back to your office for the commute home, or pick you up and deposit you at your doorstep if the vehicle is still out of commission. The fee of $175 for six services may put a dent in your wallet, but it can keep you running smoothly.

* Maybe that still sounds a bit time-consuming. Well, Martin Hoke thinks you can squeeze a little bit more out of a business trip by getting your repairs done while you are out of town. He has set up Red Carpet Airport Car Care next to the United Airlines hangar at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport -- and soon will be on other airport properties around the country. Hoke's mechanics can treat your vehicle to everything from a lube job or tune-up to a new coat of paint. And you won't forget where you parked the car at the airport.