Innovations always encounter stumbling blocks, but a letter published in your March issue about our public relations firm's "pay-as-you-go" policy set up some obstacles to our approach that simply do not exist. The letter's fatal flaw is in the first line, which erroneously asserts that our firm charges "for media results instead of a retainer or time fee."

As your article about our firm ("PayAs-You-Go PR," People & Innovations, January) clearly stated, we do charge a smaller-than-average retainer of $1,000 per month in addition to billings based on placements. This monthly fee begins to cover the legwork inherent in implementing a comprehensive public relations program; the balance is taken care of by our charges for results. This fact somehow escaped the attention of our critic, who also implied that we undertake projects not directly related to publicity for free. Obviously, we bill on an hourly basis for such tasks.

The product of extensive trial-and-error, our fee schedule is designed to ensure that our billings reflect both our time commitment and the success of our client's program. Whatever skinned knees we may have sustained while stumbling over the blocks have long since healed. We are happy to report that our concept works, and that we are expanding our client base with several exciting new clients as a result of our coverage in INC.