Depending on what you manufacture, your company may be able to put products as well as numbers in its annual report. Courier Corp., a printer headquartered in Lowell, Mass., is one company that follows the commandment "Thou shalt not overlook thy products." Courier inserted samples of its wares -- among them two pages from the Bible -- in its 1983 annual report. Says company spokesperson Mary Gail McCarthy, "We feel it's the best way to exhibit the quality of our work to customers and investors."

American Bank Note Co., in New York City, prints security certificates and currency, and manufactures three-dimensional images called holograms. On the front cover of its 1983 annual report, the company put a newly designed hologram depicting an American eagle. "The eagle is lifelike and reflects different colors, making the cover look very attractive," says company vice-president Paul Amatucci, "but it's also a convenient and effective way to show investors and potential clients the latest product from our bag of tricks."