Forever Living Products Inc., headquartered in Phoenix, is a $90.4-million manufacturer and distributor of bee products and cosmetics and other products containing the plant aloe vera. The company owns and operates marinas in Nevada on Lake Mead and Lake Mohave, and resorts in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming, and lets its salespeople who make a certain quota enjoy all-expenses-paid vacations there.

The resorts offer hotels, boutiques, restaurants, boating, and water sports. Winners get their choice of resorts and can bring their families along on the trips, which average five days in length. The company pays for everything from airplane tickets to the gasoline for water skiing, even providing winners with $100 a day in spending money.

Forever Living, the largest multilevel sales organization for aloe vera and bee products in the world, gives the trips to any of its nearly 450,000 salespeople who help at least nine other newly recruited sellers set up distributorships. Thanks in part to such incentives, the company saw sales grow 8,117% from 1978 to 1982, placing it sixth on the 1983 INC. 500 list of the nation's fastest-growing private companies.

Rex Maughan, Forever Living's president and chairman, says, "The trips have been a significant factor in developing distributorships and boosting sales." Maughan, who bought the marinas in 1981 and the mountain resorts in '83 and '84, says each trip costs the company about $2,500 a couple.

Julie and Ralph Eggleston of Osceola Ind., who have been distributors for Forever Living Products since 1980, won a vacation for themselves and their two sons. Last summer they went to Lake Mead, where they spent four days and three nights on a 50-foot houseboat.

"The company paid for everything except the kids' airfare," says Julie. "We absolutely had a ball."