Because some of the matters referred to in your article on Teltronics are still in litigation, I will not comment on the inferences drawn in reporting on the dispute between Teltronics and Ericsson. I do, however, believe that your readers should know that Mr. Beagan's charges were the subject of a month-long trial in a suit brought against Ericsson by Teltronics's trustee in bankruptcy. At the conclusion of the trial, the presiding judge issued a 90-page opinion vindicating Ericsson, finding, among other things, that "the actions taken by [Ericsson] were not the result of illicit motives," that "[Ericsson's] actions were generally motivated by sound business judgment rather than by the illicit takeover scheme depicted by the Trustee," and that in the circumstances, Ericsson's actions "evidenced extreme forbearance" in not proceeding earlier against Teltronics.

There is also no mention in the article of an action brought against Teltronics and Beagan by the Securities and Exchange Commission, in which the SEC alleged that Teltronics and Beagan deliberately overstated Teltronics's earnings in public filings by $500,000. Beagan consented to an injunction against future securities-law violations without admitting or denying the commission's charges.

These facts put a different cast on the charges that Mr. Beagan continues to make against Ericsson.