Kids who got Cabbage Patch dolls last Christmas have something new to ask Santa for this year. Alper Richman Furs Ltd., a retailer based in Chicago, is selling hundreds of pint-size fur coats to doting grandmas and indulgent parents who want their child's favorite rag doll to be the best-dressed toy on the block. The $50 rabbit coat is most popular, but the store also sells more expensive minifurs, including a $1,000 chinchilla number. The coats have been such hot sellers that the store has nixed plans to sell only traditional lines come cold weather. If orders for full-size coats put the store behind in filling those for the miniatures, co-owner Buddy Alper says he will just start a waiting list for would-be doll dressers. After all, Cabbage Patch doll buyers are used to waiting in line.