"The New Small Business Bankers" (May) was a very important article. But I would add several suggestions, based on 28 years of arranging banking for my clients. First, change banks whenever your credit line has increased fivefold. No matter what you do, someone will always remember the borrowing level at which you started at the bank, and will then be able to persuade himself that your bubble is bound to burst.

Second, if you have a change of banking officer and don't immediately come to a comfortable relationship, and if you don't feel that the new banking officer has taken the time to understand your business, start looking on your own. Change banks at your discretion and not theirs.

Third, if you have had a second change of banking officers within a one-year period, even if you felt that you had someone who understood your business, consider changing banks, again at your discretion.

Banking is still a person-to-person business, and most larger banks produce people in loan-officer positions who haven't the slightest idea of what a business does.