Regarding "On Second Thought" (August), we are a large hydraulics company specializing in the remanufacturing of hydrostatic transmissions used on large construction equipment. Our industry, as we know it today, was born only about seven years ago. It has experienced a very rapid growth, not only with our company, but, it seems, with many smaller companies jumping in the business every day.

The various OEMs have looked down their noses at our industry until recently, when they evidently discovered the huge potential in the aftermarket. Their parts-prices and lead times have forced us to remanufacture and manufacture our own parts, much to their chagrin. Manufacturing our own parts has enabled us to be more profitable, to give better service, and to market replacement parts to the rest of the industry.

We are finding that the OEMs are slowly changing their way of thinking, but it will be a while before they will be competitive in the aftermarket.