"Taking Credit" (September) said that companies needed help to walk through the "Targeted Jobs Tax Credit maze." As a state employment office supervisor, I don't believe the TJTC program is complicated. Employers can easily walk through the "maze" by following these four steps: 1) learn to broadly screen for the targeted groups, 2) send targeted group applicants to their local state employment office to determine eligibility, 3) complete and return TJTC voucher (one-half page) to the state employment office by the time the applicant starts to work, 4) file the TJTC employer certification, which is completed by and sent from the state employment office.

Actually, the applicant and the state employment office do most of the legwork. The employer is only responsible for completing a half a page of paperwork.

Also, the state employment office documents TJTC eligibility, not the consulting firm, which can only screen applicants. If employers have any questions about TJTC, they can consult with their local state employment office.