After a hard day chasing cars, your pooch comes home, all tired and sweaty, and finds a tepid bowl of tap water. No wonder he bites you. If humans can have Gatorade, then dogs deserve K-9 Kola. "Dog owners have a tendency to give their dogs human beverages such as 7-Up or beer, which is not good for the dog," says Ed Reed, co-owner of R & Y Enterprises Inc., the Phoenix company that makes K-9 Kola, which is noncarbonated and vitamin-fortified. For a pricey $4.99 a six-pack, you can reward Fido for turning away a currish neighbor. Or, if you have a foxy neighbor, give the neighbor K-9 Kola. "It has a nice taste," Reed says. "To me it's kind of a fruity flavor -- maybe like grape Kool-Aid." /90/V.I.