When your dog does his curbside duty, you no longer have to do yours. Pet Duti has arrived. It is an adjustable cloth harness equipped with a disposable bag attachment (in your choice of five colors, of course, presumably to match your own outfit). The kit, which retails in the $26 to $40 range, comes with 50 plastic bags and ties. Glorida Holley-Donawa, the inventor and president of Pet Duti Inc., of Springfield, Mass., plans a mail-order campaign, and hopes that per stores will stock what surely is the ultimate end product.

Holley-Donawa conceived Pet Duti as an aid to civic-minded pet owners who want to obey poop-scoop laws without any hands-on involvement. But Pet Duti is having some early trouble getting off the ground, which she blames on the public's unfamiliarity with the product. On the other hand, maybe many people, confronted with something wagging off the nether end of a puppy, would prefer that it be a tail.