Hurray for Mario Borini for telling it like it is (Speaking Out, November 1984). As a young computer distribution company, our first-year sales reached a respectable $2.2 million. Elation over our success was soon diminished by the fact that our Federal Income Tax Provision had reached $70,000. Faced with this dilemma, our expertise had to be shifted from marketing, planning, hiring, and promotion to oil leases, inventory adjustments, and tax shelters.

We are now ending the third quarter of our second year with sales of $5.5 million and an F.I.T. Provision reaching $150,000. Since cash flow is our major concern, and our best means of growth, we are constantly searching for tax shelters that will give us the optimal tax benefit with the least amount of capital.Consequently, the company's growth and the creation of new jobs and services are being held back by our irrational partner -- the government.