Bose Corp., a $100-million manufacturer of audio equipment, keeps the benefits rolling. The company earns gratitude from employees by getting them attractive deals on new cars and trucks.

Bose, located in Framingham, Mass., is a supplier of auto stereo parts for Delco, the electronics division of General Motors Corp. Because of its close relationship with GM, Bose was able to convince a local GM dealer to sell Pontiacs, Cadillacs, and GMC trucks to Bose employees at dealer cost.

The car program is available to any of the company's 900 Boston-area employees, provided they have been with Bose for at least two years. "The program has been very well received," says Ron Tuxbury, corporate manager of compensation and benefits. Tuxbury says that Bose is now developing a plan with a local insurance company, whereby Bose will be able to offer employees auto insurance through payroll deductions. Bose, it seems, is determined to keep its people driven.