Here is a product looking for a niche within a niche within a niche. It is a Spanish sherry with the unlikely name of Dry Fly, and it is about to be introduced in the United States by Sazerac Co., a New Orleans spirit bottler and importer.

What kind of a man drinks Dry Fly? Sazerac is betting $30,000 on advertising in fishing magazines this spring that the customer will be somebody in hip boots and a flannel shirt who is hooked on the good things in life -- including expensive angling gear and sherry at $7 to $8 a bottle. Marketing coordinator Sally A. Nungesser claims that sherry drinkers and fly fishermen tend to be in compatibly high income brackets, upwards of $40,000 a year. "It takes about $6,000 to become a well-equipped fly fisherman," she says.

If patience is a virtue for the fisherman, it may be a necessity for Sazerac. There are, according to the Federation of Fly Fishers, 2.5 million fly fishermen in the United States. How many of them would prefer a cold can of Bud after a day on the river is anybody's guess.

Will enough of these sportsmen rise to Sazerac's bait? How big will the market that got away be? Can a tippler tie a tippet in the morning? Who knows? Sazerac is giving it a sporting try.