Our high-performance circuit boards are manufactured locally because they require specialized engineering and manufacturing attention. But we have chosen to subcontract the procurement and assembly of our proven and tested commodity products.

Subcontracting commodity products enables our company to invest more money in research and development and in product development, rather than tying up its capital in inventory and manufacturing costs.

We have taken our commodity manufacturing to an expert, following the lead of the best examples we know -- such companies as IBM Corp., which uses subcontracted manufacturing to produce its PC boards, and Hewlett Packard Co., which uses an overseas manufacturer to produce its 3 1/2-inch microfloppy disk drive.

Our diversified manufacturing approach has served us well. We offer both the highest performance controllers in the industry and high-quality commodity controller products. And, by focusing our finances and personnel, we have achieved a more than $25-million-per-year run rate in our first two years of manufacturing.