As you evaluate your editorial policy for a bias toward technology, I encourage you to review for a gender bias as well. For starters, a review of the last 15 issues would reveal that of the individuals featured on your cover, an overwhelming majority were men.

I learned in Donna Fenn's "Mothers of Invention" (May) that behind this article on keys to an entrepreneur's success is the assumption that she is male. If, as the article implies, useful predictors of entrepreneurial success include: the mother as a dominant influence; maternal requirements that the child be a helper; self-reliance at an early age; and that only success yields acceptance or approval from Mom, I suggest that most women in this culture must surely have what it takes.

As an entrepreneur and a female, I am working creatively to push our new business into profitability. INC. could serve my needs better by presenting an entrepreneurial picture that includes more of the women who are on the front lines of new and growing businesses.