I read Joseph P. Kahn's "Networking" (June) with great interest. At our last board meeting, I mentioned the need for interaction with other chief executive officers, expressing my frustration as my company moves further into a highgrowth mode.

I would like to find an appropriate network in my locale; however, I believe so strongly in the potential value of this type of contact that I would willingly travel to any other locale on a monthly basis.

Transtech Corp. has a unique niche in the industrial market for sophisticated manual and automated heavy-load transporting equipment used in key manufacturing processes in the aerospace and automotive industries. Founded in 1979, we have seen our annual revenues grow from $660,000 in fiscal 1983-84 to a projected 1984-85 closeout figure of $1.3 million, with $3.5 million expected in 1985-86. We have achieved this growth with little outside capital.

Talking with someone else who is going through similar high growth would be invaluable. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.