Come on, fellows: It's 1985 and women are everywhere, involved in everything, and visible no matter where you look -- with the possible exception of your publication.

According to a 1984 Small Business Administration report, women in the United States are starting small businesses at a rate five times faster than that of men. For every five women entering the work force, three are starting businesses. In the state of Michigan, women currently own 36% of the small businesses. In 1980, there were 2.8 million female-operated sole proprietorships in this country, which generated more than $40 billion in receipts. Of even greater significance to our economic recovery is the fact that the average number of full-and part-time jobs created by female-owned companies is 5.57, while the median for the population is 4.0. If it is true (and research substantiates this claim) that the small-business sector is responsible for at least 70% of all new job creation, then it is not difficult to deduce that the majority of new jobs in this decade of the entrepreneur are being created by women.