As a pilot for a major airline, I am absolutely stunned by Mr. Burr's perception of the professional airline pilot in "Bitter Victories" (Face-to-Face, August). Mr. Burr may have fame, fortune, and the fastest-growing airline in history, but the is losing his grasp on reality. He calls us "highly productive, highly talented people," and at the same time refers to us as "animalistic" and "tribalistic."

The laws of supply and demand dictate what one is paid for one's work. When there was an oversupply of pilots, Mr. Burr's pilots were willing to fly as captains, for less pay. Now, with demand for pilots at an all-time high, Burr must pay them more if he wishes to stop the increasing resignations. Money may not be everything, but it sure helps with the high cost of living in the New York area.

Take more time to play tennis with your wife, Mr. Burr. You are paying too high a price for your triumphs.