As I struggled through your article, hunting for some insight into the subject of the "Entrepreneurial Mystique," I became increasingly disappointed. It turned out to be a reasonable discussion of business organization and management, but Drucker needs a Webster's Dictionary if he thinks he understands the current interpretation of the word "entrepreneur," especially as it relates to INC. readers. The dictionary says an entrepreneur is one who "organizes, operates, and assumes the risk in a business venture in expectation of gaining the profit."

Drucker's approach may sell a lot of books for corporate distribution to junior executives that compete with such books as In Search of Excellence or Megatrends, but to me his thinking appears counter-productive to INC.'s basic editorial policy.

Unfortunately for your loyal readers in search of encouragement, inspiration, and knowledge on becoming business heroes themselves. Drucker ignores the subject matter. Thank God the entrepreneur does not employ methodical, academic, and systematic approaches to his visions and innovations, or our company would be back at square one.