I am pleased to learn the in-depth story of the failure of Jane Fonda's Workout clothing line ("Starstruck," October 1985). But I am shocked by INC.'s continuing misunderstanding of the Vietnam veterans who protested at Burdines Miami department store. We were not "whipped up" by radio broadcasts, nor are we ultraconservative. We are, however, still dedicated to the patriotism that led us to fight our country's dirtiest war when duty called. And we are not surprised that Fonda took her profit and left Capri Beachwear as dead as our buddies in Southeast Asia.

Like many other vets, when I learned of Fonda's planned appearance at Burdines, I telephoned my disapproval. When she appeared anyway, I scissored my Burdines credit cards and mailed them to Burdines's president with a brief explanation.

Is this radical or ultraconservative? No, it is just the honest reaction of one Vietnam veteran who has left the practice of law to pursue a corporate manufacturing career.