In the last fiscal year, ending April 30, 1985, Marquette Electronics Inc.'s sales were up 24% and profits, 32%. Healthy rates of return reflect the fact that much of the company's growth has been financed from profits. And a low debt-to-equity ratio positions the company well to meet the challenge of a changing and competitive market.

Projected revenues for FY '86: $90 mil.

Projected earnings for FY '86: $7 mil.

Return on equity: 22.8%

Return on assets: 12%

Debt/equity ratio: 73 to 1


Marquette has been profitable since its third year of operation.


Technological superiority, funded by what competitors say is a highly respectable financial commitment to R&D, is the primary reason that Marquette's products enjoy the highest recognition with cardiologists, according to the trade journal Biomedical Business International. In most years, 10% of Marquette's product line is new equipment, another 25% to 30% of its hardware is enhanced by new software.


A pleasant working environment accounts for much of Marquette's steady increase in sales per employee, but the company has also embraced automation to keep productivity high.


Like many companies in its industry, Marquette employs mainly young, skilled workers. However, its management percentage and its annual turnover rate fall significantly below that of most competitors.

Total employment: 770

Average age: 32

College degrees: 20%

Managers: 13%

Annual turnover: 10.6%


According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the average employer pays 35? on top of every dollar's salary toward benefits and other forms of compensation. Marquette pays 50?.