How appropriate that Richard F. Mullen's letter appeared in your December 1985 issue, which lists the country's 500 fastest-growing private companies. Doesn't the realize that these 500 companies have succeeded by providing quality service with fast turnaround at a competitive price? The entrepreneurs I have had the privilege of working with have not become tired of running their businesses and "decided to run off to Acapulco." Further, the "very large agency" Mullen works for would probably not have become very large if people had approached doing business with them very cautiously.


We profiled Julie Brumlick and her type shop, Scarlett Letters Inc., in "Hot Type" (Spotlight, September 1985). One of the top 10 typography companies in New York City, Scarlett Letters depends on owner Brumlick's one-on-one relationship with clients -- enough so that if she is out of town, the company's sales drop. One INC. reader's response to this strategy was that Brumlick ran a "one-person act" and she had "no corporate sense." He wondered what would happen if Brumlick "tired of running a type shop and decides to run off to Acapulco" ("Shortsighted," Letters, December 1985). Some of you disagreed.