"Tex's Chain Saw Manicure" (November) reminded me of the company-name brainstorming I did with the founders of a chain of dry-cleaning shops in high-rise office buildings.

Many names were considered: Clothes Encounters, Bruce Cleansteen, Grateful Thread, Lintball Wizard, Haagen Duds, Laundering Jew, and the Wild Cleandom were among the best. The founders finally decided on Jack & the Cleanstalk. The logo and the decor of their shop (now with several locations and still expanding) reflect the fairy tale theme.

The founders chose Jack & the Cleanstalk even after they were advised by business associates that a more serious name, such as Executive Cleaners, would attract a professional clientele. Obviously, this advice was based on an inaccurate perception of what consumers like. What consumers really appreciate is a sense of humor backed by a commitment to excellent service.