Chances are, your company could benefit from increased customer loyalty just as much as the airlines can. So why not borrow their most effective gimmick? That's what Terry Finn did when he adapted the frequent-flyer idea of One Hour Delivery Service Inc., the courier business he runs in Dallas.

Like the plans it mimics, Finn's frequent-caller program targets the actual users of his service. The secretaries, mail clerks, and receptionists who decide which courier will be summoned are the program's beneficiaries.

Customers accrue one point per delivery, except for downtown deliveries, which are only a tenth of a point. Monthly statements of point balances are accompanied by a four-color flier promoting such popular prizes as chocolates (30 points) and a dozen roses (15 points). "We're putting a lot into this program," says Finn, whose clientele has stampeded to sign up, "but customer loyalty is worth it."