If your company already has an ESOP or is setting one up, you should have access to the low-interest loans that are among the program's benefits. If your banker isn't interested, you should know about a list of some 150 banks nationwide whose loan officers will be.

The booklet, published by The National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), names bankers who are eager to cash in on the 50% write-down of interest collected from ESOP loans, one of the few tax benefits to survive the 1986 Tax Reform Act. Far from being uncooperative, these bankers want ESOP business. And they'll offer the advertised lower rates to get it. ESOP-related lending is growing by 50% per year and totaled $5.7 billion in 1987. The booklet describes how ESOP loans work, features interviews with loan officers, and lists the banks state by state. Send $5 (the publication is free to members) to: NCEO, 426 17th St., Suite 650, Oakland CA 94612.