Who says the Japanese won't buy American products? We know plenty of smaller companies that are selling their wares in Japan. Here's a sample:

Semiconductor components (Weitek Corp., Sunnyvale, Calif.)

Industrial robots (Adept Technology Inc., San Jose, Calif.)

Add-on automobile components that give your car a sportier look (Kaminari Inc., Brea, Calif.)

Artificial boulders for zoos and aquariums (The Larson Co., Tucson)

CAD/CAM systems for apparel and footwear factories (Microdynamics Inc., Dallas)

Dog show equipment, such as leashes and shampoo (J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies Inc., Hawthorne, N.J.)

Portable toilets (Satellite Industries Inc., Minneapolis)

Skateboards (NHS Inc., Soquel, Calif.)

Software that plays the Japanese game of GO (Toyogo Inc., Lexington, Mass.)

Restaurant soda dispensers (Lancer Corp., San Antonio)

Log cabin kits (AmerLink Ltd., Battleboro, N.C.)

Parent-education videos (Active Parenting Inc., Marietta, Ga.)

Now if only GM and Bethlehem Steel could come up with a product the Japanese want to buy. . . .

-- Martha E. Mangelsdorf