If your employees use computers off the job, they'll probably use them better at work. Walter Kisling, CEO of Multiplex Co., a St. Louis manufacturer of refrigerated drink dispensers, offers his staffers financing on their home computers -- without interest and at a substantial savings.

The deal, though a valuable benefit for employees and their families, costs Multiplex little. When Kisling buys equipment for Multiplex's office, he passes the bulk discount along to employees. They pay just 10% down and cover the balance with monthly installments deducted from their paychecks. They pay no interest. The only cost to Multiplex is the finance charge on the money it fronts for the machines. Of the company's 40-odd office workers, 15 have already made purchases.

Kisling is convinced that the program not only improves technical skills inside the company, but also boosts employee morale.