MARCH 1989

Ever feel like you're in the dark when trying to figure out what to pay your new payroll clerk? Ever wished you had a reliable frame of reference when negotiating salary with your marketing manager at review time? Depending on your needs, it may pay to invest in one or all of the 1988 Salary Surveys from the Administrative Management Society (AMS): Office Salaries Report, Data Processing Salaries Report, and Management Salaries Report.

Each covers 20 specific positions in six regions, seven industries, 94 cities, and two company-size categories. The data include starting, average, low, and high wages; the number of companies reporting from each city; and how many employees figured into the rate calculations for more than 2,500 North American companies representing some 250,000 employees.

Each report costs $135, or get all three for $350. For more information, write: 1988 Salary Surveys, AMS, 4622 Street Road, Trevose PA 19047, or call (215) 953-1040.