MARCH 1989

To help his salespeople reach their goals, Tony Frederick has found an effective way to get their spouses involved.

Frederick, CEO of FrederickSeal Inc., in Bedford, N.H., a marketer of industrial sealing devices, holds a party every January for his salesmen and their wives (Frederick's sales force is all male). There, he announces an expenses-paid December vacation for each couple that meets specific selling goals for the year. Last year the winners went to Acapulco; the destination in 1989 is Aruba. Every month Frederick sends report cards home to the spouses, detailing how well their husbands are moving toward their goals.

The system, says Frederick, motivates the women to help out at home. It gives them added reason to be tolerant of their husbands' long hours, too. "A salesman can tell his wife he's doing great, but each month she really finds out," says Frederick.

The report card also keeps the reward squarely in view at all times. "Most people can't keep their eye on the target when it's so far away," Frederick says. "We make it more immediate."