MAY 1989

To keep employees motivated and upbeat, many companies recognize outstanding work by selecting an employee of the month. Pam Reynolds, CEO of Phoenix Textiles Inc., in St. Louis, goes a step further. The $30-million textiles-distribution company also reserves a special parking slot for its employee of the month, located next to the president's space and near the front door. "It ensures companywide recognition for a job well done and is a great morale booster for the other employees to see that hard work doesn't go unnoticed," Reynolds says.

When an employee does a particularly good job, it's reported to the personnel manager, who meets monthly with key executives to decide who will get the parking space and a $10 restaurant coupon. "In such a fast-growing business, it's easy to lose track of everybody's contributions. This is one way we keep in close touch with our employees," says Reynolds, whose company was cited as one of the best employers in St. Louis in 1987 by St. Louis magazine.