JUNE 1989

Keeping your retail sales staff motivated doesn't require a trip to Hawaii. You can do something as simple as providing an area for watching television when times are slow or for catching a bite to eat.

Although he sacrifices stock space for his stores' break areas, Joel Luck, CEO of Joel's StrideRite Booteries, in Columbus, Ohio, says it helps his sales. "If you take good care of employees," he says, "they'll take good care of customers."

Each of Luck's five stores has an employee area complete with kitchenette, an unusual amenity in a mall. "The people who normally make the rules for these stores have never worked in one," says Luck. In his first store, he found he missed having a spot where he could eat lunch and still be on hand to wait on customers. "My employees really appreciate this. And they don't mind interrupting their lunch and pitching in if business picks up."