JULY 1989

Customers don't care about the title of the person they speak with -- they just want prompt, efficient service. At least that's what Michael Resnick, of Today's Temporary, based in Dallas, believes. To drive home his point, he has left titles off all business cards used at the $42-million agency.

"If the cards said anything, they'd all read 'Service Rep,' " says Resnick, whose own cards could, but don't, read "President." While the company uses job descriptions internally, Resnick says he's seen too many people get hung up on titles and become removed from the customer. "We want to make sure clients don't have to go through hierarchies," he says. "We want them to know that anyone they call can answer their questions."

Of course, that requires more than plain business cards. Resnick says Today's Temporary, a two-time Inc. 500 company, follows through by "empowering frontline people with the authority to find answers." Operations managers (who take the initial calls from clients) supervise and send out the workers and handle every other aspect of client service, from pricing questions and quality-control follow-up to arranging credit for any unsatisfactory service.