Looking to decrease accidents and the number of days your employees call in sick? How about a nice game of cards? Scott Pilato and Andy Juster, cofounders of Sunny Waterbeds & Accessories, in Orlando, let workers pick a card from a poker deck if they had perfect attendance and no time lost due to accidents during the preceding five workdays.

After seven weeks the value of the cards is tallied (face cards count as 10 points). The two people with the highest and lowest totals split the pot, which starts at $200 and increases by $100 for each seven-week period all 45 employees go without an accident.

"We started this a year ago after the state increased our workers' compensation by 29%, because of our high accident rate," says Pilato. "Basically, we take the money we were paying in medical bills and put it in the pot. But the program has been so effective that our workers' comp will be $2,000 less next year. Employees are more careful, and they remind each other to be more careful, so the size of the pot keeps increasing."