Did you ever wonder why more businesses don't use recycled-paper products? Today there are high-quality recycled variations of most office paper products. Unfortunately, distribution has been spotty at best.

To the rescue come two full-service recycled-paper merchants: Conservatree Paper Co., which sells mostly to government offices and midsize and large companies; and Earth Care Paper Inc., which caters to small businesses and consumers. Each carries more than 250 paper products, including xerographic paper. Conservatree even offers glossy, four-color printing paper. Shipping charges vary.

Not only is the quality of the products comparable to conventional paper, so is the price. "Higher price for recycled paper is somewhat of a myth," claims Alan Davis, president of Conservatree, a three-time Inc. 500 company. Only during times of exceptional demand do recycled prices exceed by 10% the price of virgin counterparts.

For catalogs, write: Earth Care Paper, P.O. Box 3335, Madison WI 53704; Conservatree, 10 Lombard St., Suite 250, San Francisco CA 94111.