Another month, another raft of letters. By now, Steve Tanner may wish he'd never asked for help in dealing with his blue-collar clientele at Bolero Pizza, Subs & Salads (Educating the Public, August, [Article link]). When it comes to generating responses from readers, his query leads all others by a wide margin, and the advice -- helpful or otherwise -- keeps rolling in. Meanwhile, other readers continue to present us with new problems to solve.

Overseas Connections
I'm a 43-year-old senior-level attorney with a Chicago law firm, and I've decided I need a sojourn from my job. My wife and I have considered moving our family overseas, but I've had trouble finding information on job openings. Even though the European economic unification in 1992 is an event of major importance to Americans, I find very little networking between the United States and Europe in my business. Can anyone tell me how to go about making the right connections?

John Denning


Missouri Loves Company
Seven years ago we located our soil-testing lab in Bowling Green (population 3,022) in rural northeast Missouri. Our employees, raised locally, are well educated, enthusiastic, and loyal. Land prices, taxes, and construction costs are low, and the state has established a tax-reduced enterprise zone here. We have great schools, friendly neighbors, and the best hunting, fishing, and boating opportunities in the Midwest. We never stand in line, and we never get stuck in traffic. So what's our problem? We need more businesses, so our children can raise their families here, too. How do we get other companies to think about relocating to Bowling Green?

Kristin Perry


Perry Agricultural Laboratory Inc.

Bowling Green, Mo.

The Sub Way
My wife and I own a small submarine sandwich shop. We've been in business for two years, and we're doing super -- so well, in fact, that we're considering franchising. We're looking for reliable sources of information on franchising, protecting our name and logo, and so forth.

Doug Myers


The Subery

Rapid City, S. Dak.

Keeping Busy
I run a seasonal food-service business that operates outdoors. The winter is our off-season, and I have trouble retaining em-ployees until the spring.

I would like to find someone in our local area who has a complementary business with which I could "share" workers. The employees would work for the other establishment from mid-December to mid-March, then work at my company when the new season begins. Can your readers suggest businesses that might be complementary to mine? How should I go about finding one?

Casey Gilling


Casey Sales Corp.

Kansas City, Mo.