If charity is fashionable, then Randy and Debbi Fields are most definitely trés chic. Foundations own 55% and have rights to another 25% of the chocolate-chip empire. While it's not a secret, the Fieldses do little to advertise or promote their social consciousness; in fact, most of their own employees don't know about it.

So far nearly $5 million has gone for research centered largely on a cure for cystic fibrosis. While Randy and Debbi's own four children are healthy, the two were touched by the struggles of their logo designer, who lost a nine-year-old daughter to the disease.

The Fieldses admit that passing on profits also accomplishes another goal close to their hearts -- that their riches never land in the laps of their children. "Years ago as a money manager I saw too many rich kids twisted by money," Randy explains. "Debbi and I want our children to win or lose on their own merit."

-- Elizabeth Conlin