Doug Denoff believed his days of action-packed adventure were over when he left his job on the police show "Hawaii Five-0." He was wrong. Now the owner of a $4-million telecommunications service firm, Dencom Systems, Denoff's exploits in the name of customer service rival any TV chase scene.

On a recent night, for example, a frantic call came from The San Bernardino Community Hospital. Its phone system had crashed. Denoff promises customers a one-hour emergency response time, but in rush-hour traffic the hospital is a three-hour drive. The solution? Denoff borrowed a helicopter, piloted it to the hospital, and diagnosed the problem. Then he flew back to his warehouse, grabbed the parts, and returned to the hospital. Two hours later the system was up.

As for the future, Denoff plans on buying his own helicopter and waves off any comparison with his Hollywood days. "Television is boring," he claims. "Building a business is where the action is." -- Elizabeth Conlin