Call Jerry Rubin a human weathervane. In the 1960s he protested the Vietnam War. In the '70s he meditated. In the '80s he offered networking parties for yuppies. His proclaimed crusade of the '90s? Feeding the American appetite for health. How? Selling nutritional supplements like a bright orange powder, Wow!, and a murky, clotted liquid, Omni-IV.

The products are made by Omnitrition International and follow a typical multilevel marketing approach: rewarding distributors with product discounts and commissions on sales. Working four phones 15 hours a day, Rubin oversees 1,000 people and hopes to pull in $100,000 a month. Rubin claims he's helping others get rich. Sounds like this weathervane may have caught wind of a slick sales pitch. -- Elizabeth Conlin