by Le Corbusier,

Dover, 1986

"I studied to be an architect. And I find tremendous similarities between building a company and the design process. Businesses have to do their planning on the fly in a fashion similar to an architect sketching. Le Corbusier talks about the process of designing a building, putting the first sketches down on paper and working from them. Building a business also requires a tremendous amount of sketch work.

"For instance, we rolled out a new series of preparation courses for the LSAT, GRE, and GMAT. Instead of honing the workbooks really carefully before using them with customers, we did the best job we could in six months -- sketching out the material and, during that time, tutoring students for free. We created extremely small classes in our first year of operation so the personal touch could make up for flaws in the materials.

"I am always making sketches of how information should look or mapping out a marketing campaign. When I present my notes, people start responding to them. Desktop publishing makes everything look slick. When you present sketches, it helps start the dialogue and collaboration."

-- John Katzman, CEO, The Princeton Review, New York City