It may seem as if half the products introduced these days are positioned as environmentally correct. But overzealous marketers are being targeted by attorneys general across the country. Last fall a diaper company was forced to drop the word biodegradable from its packaging after an investigation by a task force of 10 state AGs; it was the first such settlement since inquiries began in late 1989.


Seed Capital Sources For High-Tech Companies

* * *

Family, friends 79%

Private investors 7

Venture capitalists 5

Public offerings, banks, 9

corporations, other

* * *

The most successful entrepreneurs, however -- those whose companies grow the most quickly -- initially had money from venture capitalists and angels. So says MIT's Edward Roberts, who looked at 600 high-tech firms for his forthcoming book Entrepreneurs in High Technology.


Increasing numbers of people want to start companies with a family member -- a sister, a parent, an in-law. So says Judith Langer, whose New York City firm, Langer Associates, conducts focus groups. Her hypothesis? Single people pouring their time and energy into new businesses think that having a familial partner can help emotionally.

Published on: Jan 1, 1991