The Business Your basic mountain-cuddled, village-green-side, Vermont country inn -- a living cliché. White clapboards, pumpkin-pine floors, a porch full of rocking chairs. Once a stagecoach stop, the inn now houses 34 guest rooms, a 60-seat restaurant, a separate lunch and breakfast room, and a tavern. Rates are $160 a night for two, MAP -- midprice for the area.

Financial Summary
(in $ thousands) 1988 1989 1990
Gross sales $844 $1,024 $1,066

Net profit before taxes, 131 272 295*depreciation, andowner compensation *projected

Price $2.15 million

Outlook There's plenty to be happy about. The property is charming, the location popular, and the restaurant strong and profitable. The inn's cost of goods sold in the food-and-beverage category -- often a sinkhole for cash -- is running at an excellent 24%. Downsides? A room occupancy rate that's off-the-chart bad at 21% (closer to 40% would be normal for this area) and a regional economy that may or may not pillage such retreats as this.

Price Rationale Potential is what's being sold here, plus an existing trade that appears solidly -- if not remarkably -- in the black. Pump up the occupancy rate, which the owners claim to have ignored, and the bottom line sparkles; like incremental airplane-seat sales, incremental room sales are almost pure profit. The price-earnings multiple of 7.29 isn't out of line for an industry that can fetch multiples of 8 to 10.

Pros Most of the above, especially if you believe the occupancy glass is half full instead of half empty.

Cons Food and drink sales amount to a disproportionate 75% of total sales, compared with 40% at most inns. Given that the current owners are also the chefs -- and are leaving -- that imbalance could prove fateful. And do you really want to count on increasing occupancy while the economy around you slumps?

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