One false marketing move and a company's name is mud. What can its owner do to win back consumer confidence? That's our first question this month. And an Inc . feature on plastics recycling inspired a reader in Mexico who's looking for information to help him start a similar plant there. Perhaps you can answer these and other queries below. Or send in your own question and put Inc .'s 2.5 million readers to work on it.

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I produce a car polish that I advertised on a cable-television "infomercial." Recently, a TV news show aired an exposé of infomercials, and now it's as if I had a disease! I want to advertise somewhere else, but agencies won't touch me, and magazines won't even look at me. I'm not a rip-off artist or a fraud; I sell a good product, and I guarantee it. But now my chances of success in the U.S. market are slim to none. I keep looking in the mirror to find the M on my forehead for moron. Do I have to throw myself off a tall building to get some favorable publicity, or is there an easier way?

Sal Orlando


Milty Distributors Inc.

Maspeth, N.Y.

Talkin' Trash

Since reading the Inc. article on plastics recycling ("Plastics!" June 1990, [Article link]), I've explored the subject further by contacting various associations and companies in Germany and Austria, but I haven't found the information I need to start a plastics-recycling plant in Mexico. There's nothing like that here, even though we have a great deal of solid waste in our landfills. Can anyone help me get in touch with the right person?

Pablo Malacara


CMS & Associates/Mexam Inc.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Tooth Decay

I have just purchased a small dental pharmaceutical company that has been allowed to atrophy. How can I reestablish its once-successful distribution network without hiring an army of salespeople? What can I do about the onerous cost of product-liability insurance, which wholesalers require I carry? And can anyone suggest how I might locate companies, foreign or domestic, to manufacture our formulas under licensing agreements? What are the pitfalls to my approach?

John Starrs


Schaffer Laboratories

Arcadia, Calif.

Glass Act

My company is a sourcing agent for three large general merchandisers in the Pacific Rim. Our clients purchase U.S.-made glassware and houseware items from us. We usually buy first-quality overruns and closeouts. I'm looking for new product sources, small companies eager to expand internationally. Is there a trade association for such manufacturers? What trade publications could I advertise in to reach them?

Cindy Herrick


Source Markets International