by Studs Terkel

Ballantine Books, 1985

"I agree with Studs Terkel's thesis in Working that people like working, try to do their best, and deserve more recognition. I want my people to understand that and not run roughshod over people. We will never have a time clock; we look at tasks completed rather than hours worked. I want to give people here the freedom to do their jobs.

"If you give a little recognition to your casual business acquaintances -- the order-processing clerks, permit-review people, and receptionists -- you'd be amazed to find out how much it means to them.

"As a general contractor we have contact with many people on a construction site. If you probe a little about the details of their jobs, you find they really do care about how well they perform.

"One of Terkel's interviews is with a hotel telephone operator. In her many years of working at the hotel she received one box of candy from a guest she regularly placed calls for. Years later she was still talking about that box of candy. It knocked me out.

" Working makes the people you see turn from urban camouflage into real people. I want our people to be able to see the people with whom they work."

-- Jack Nolan, CEO

Nolan Scott Inc.

Towson, Md.