MARCH 1991

Time was, when sending Christmas cards was an effective way to plant your company's name before current and prospective customers. "People can't help feeling warmly about you," says John Kahl, president and CEO of Manco Inc., a $60-million marketer of a line of tapes, weather stripping, and mail supplies. But, says Kahl, there is only so much warmth to go around. So many companies now send cards that yours can get lost in the shuffle. That's why he has added other, less popular holidays to his mailing roster: Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, and the Fourth of July, to be specific. "It's a good way to break through," he claims.

To heighten interest, he has the cards designed in-house so they're different from run-of-the-mill cards. "People open them up just to see what the next one will look like," says Kahl, whose mailing list includes some 30,000 people. "It's a much more personal way to reach them."