This issue of Inc. includes Shelia Brants's account of her company's ordeal following the revelation that a key employee had AIDS. (See "Coping with AIDS," [Article link].) If you think your company is safe from such tragedies, you should check out "The Los Altos Story," a 31-minute video produced by the Rotary Club of Los Altos, Calif. The video documents the heartrending confrontation of a community of small-business people with a problem they, too, thought "couldn't happen here." You can obtain the video by sending a $25 donation to the Rotary AIDS Project, P.O. Box 794, Los Altos, CA 94023. The phone number is (415) 688-6164.

"Anybody who can look at the business world today and give me a logical explanation for what's going on out there clearly isn't informed."

-- Charles Garfield, author of Peak Performance(Warner Books, 1985), addressing a recent Inc. conference on customer service