What Do Anita Roddick and Madonna Have in Common?

Answer: neither one has succeeded in getting her latest video on MTV. Madonna's, "Justify My Love," was apparently too racy. MTV announced last December that "in its current form, this one is just not for us." Roddick's problem was a little different. The Body Shop had produced a video titled "Stop the War," which the company describes as "a spontaneous protest against war in the Persian Gulf." It features graphic images of war accompanied by the Neville Brothers' recording of the old Bob Dylan song "With God on Our Side." In January The Body Shop approached MTV executives about getting the video aired. According to Roddick, people at the station loved it, though they had some concerns about the timing of its antiwar message. In any case, the effort died when The Body Shop failed to get permission to use the song from the Neville Brothers' agent and the recording company, A&M Records.